Strategies to help your children stay strong during divorce

children Feb 26, 2024

Plan ahead

Take some time to think about how to talk to your child about the divorce. Consider their age and what they can understand. Find a comfy and relaxed place to have the conversation.

Stick together

Try to talk to your child together with your ex-partner if you can. This shows that you both agree and will keep working together as parents, even though you won't be together as a couple.

Keep it simple and age-appropriate

Use words and explanations that your child can easily understand. Skip the grown-up talk. Just focus on letting them know that things are going to change, but they will still be loved and taken care of.

It's not their fault

Make sure your child understands that the divorce is not because of anything they did or didn't do. Reassure them that it's about the grown-up stuff and not about them.

Give lots of love and support

Tell your child that you and your ex-partner will always love them and be there for them. Let them know that even...
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