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Navigate your divorce by focusing on real human outcomes as you transition your family from one to two homes.

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Navigate Your Divorce was born out of a desire to change the divorce narrative.

We believe divorce does not have to be synonymous with chaos; it can be navigated with dignity and respect.

Life often throws us curveballs, and divorce is no exception. It is a time filled with genuine emotions, worries, and vulnerabilities – the raw, unfiltered you. 

You're facing some tough choices ahead.

Fear not because we are here to offer our support every step of the way.

We are focused on revolutionising the divorce process. Focusing on the human and family impact at the centre of everything we do.


Divorce can be an overwhelming experience, and it is something no one anticipates dealing with. I aim to support you, just as I have assisted hundreds of others, by leveraging my expertise to address your unique needs.

The Facts

For over twenty years, I've dedicated myself to supporting couples and individuals through divorce. With qualifications as a Financial Planner, CDC Certified Divorce Coach®, CDC Certified Transition and Recovery Specialist®, and Collaborative Professional (Financial and Coach), I bring a wealth of expertise to the table.

The Heart

As someone who has gone through divorce firsthand and was raised in a divorced family, my mission is deeply personal.

I am dedicated to using my years of expertise to steer your divorce towards positive and compassionate outcomes. By focusing on ways to minimise harm and ensure a smooth transition for your family from one household to two. I aim to make this complex process as calm as possible.

i look forward to finding out how I can help you in this life transition.

- Dominique Bergel-Grant

Ways We Can Help

Every divorce is different and unique, here are just some of the specialist services Dominique and her team can assist you with.

Financial Settlement Preparation

This process is crafted to instil confidence in your understanding of your financial needs and the potential outcomes of various settlement offers or mediation scenarios you might be contemplating.

These sessions will assist you in addressing essential questions such as: Should you retain ownership of the house? What is the optimal split for the superannuation? What measures are necessary for your long-term financial security?

With Dominique's guidance, you will thoroughly explore your options, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of both the immediate and enduring financial and lifestyle implications of your decisions today.

Collaborative Divorce

Dominique will bring together a team to work with you as a couple, helping you transition from one household to your family in two homes.

With a focus on avoiding court and helping you navigate and negotiate the financial and co-parenting arrangements.

This keeps you as a family in control of your future, with outcomes for the children at the heart of decisions.

High Conflict Divorce

If it is clear that you and your former partner cannot agree. Unfortunately, formal evaluative mediation or court may be your path.

Dominique will help you be prepared through divorce coaching and specialised divorce financial advice. She will work with you and your family lawyer to help you work through the emotional upheaval divorce causes and help you focus on the outcomes you need to secure your future.

Financially Complex Divorce

You only get one chance to get your financial negotiations right. For many facing divorce, there is a tangled web of investment properties, self-managed superannuation funds, trusts, share portfolios and business assets.

If not negotiated correctly, there can be significant unforeseen consequences in financial settlements or opportunities missed to save on tax. With Dominique's expertise and detailed financial modeling, you can be confident about your decisions. 

Schedule your 30-minute free consultation and take control of your divorce today.

Allow Dominique's abundant Divorce Financial Advice, Divorce Coaching, and Collaborative expertise to be your family's invaluable asset as you journey through the challenging separation and divorce process.

Dominique and her team understand the emotional toll this experience can take on you, so she is dedicated to being by your side as your thinking partner, providing critical support to help you secure your future.

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In The Media

Professional Excellence

More about the Navigate Your Divorce team:

  • We exclusively work with those going through separation and divorce.
  • We work with a diverse range of divorce experts, including mediators, forensic accountants, child psychologists, mortgage brokers and other financial planners. Ensuring a match for your needs.
  • We offer upfront tailored solutions and are always transparent with our pricing.
  • Accredited specialists in divorce coaching.
  • Dominique Bergel-Grant is a Collaborative Professional.
  • Dominique brings over 20 years of experience to the table.
  • We have an award-winning team.
  • We help make the legal process more efficient and streamlined by working closely with family lawyers, helping you get value from your legal experts.
  • As a Financial Planner, Dominique can offer long-term solutions to help you rebuild after divorce.
Yes, I am ready! Book my 30 minute consultation now!

Our Services

Divorce is something that hopefully, you will only ever face once in your life. As experts working with clients going through divorce every day, we can take the uncertainty out of the process and work with you providing you a combination of divorce coaching and financial advice tailored to your needs. You can also elect to focus on just divorce coaching or divorce financial advice.

Divorce coaching is a specialised form of coaching that focuses on helping individuals navigate the complexities of divorce with confidence and clarity. Our experienced divorce coaches are here to provide the necessary tools, knowledge, and emotional support to help you transition through this difficult time.

So, what sets divorce coaching apart?

Unlike therapy or legal counsel, divorce coaching is future-focused and action-oriented. It empowers you to make informed decisions, set realistic goals, and create a positive vision for your post-divorce life. Our coaches work closely with you to develop personalised strategies that address your unique circumstances and aspirations.

What should I expect from divorce coaching sessions?

You can expect a safe, non-judgmental space to express your emotions, fears, and concerns. Dominique and her team are compassionate listeners who will help you process your emotions and gain clarity. 

Benefits of Divorce Coaching

You do not need to face divorce alone. By having a divorce coach by your side, you will be: 

  • Gaining a clear understanding of your options for resolving financial division and children's issues.
  • Educating yourself about the legal process and being well-prepared for each stage.
  • Minimizing legal costs by working efficiently and effectively with your lawyer.
  • Streamlining the process by leveraging our years of experience and avoiding common mistakes.
  • Reducing the emotional toll by having a supportive advocate by your side.
  • Utilizing an impartial third party as a sounding board for making well-balanced decisions.
  • Building a strong support network of professionals, including a lawyer.
  • Learning effective communication tools to reduce conflict with your former partner.
  • Equipping yourself with negotiation skills to navigate the process.
  • Accessing well-curated information and resources to support you throughout.
  • Having someone to help you envision your future and focus on what truly matters.
  • Learning self-care techniques to prioritise your well-being.

Divorce Financial Advice is focused on answering a range of key questions as you negotiate your financial settlement; these include:

  • What documents do I need to gather together?
  • Should I keep the home?
  • Am I better to buy or rent? If so, how much can I spend?
  • What is a fair way to divide assets?
  • What are the financial implications of keeping some assets vs. others?
  • What level of debt should be maintained?
  • What will your long-term financial position look like?
  • What child support will I be entitled to?
  • Should I be looking for ongoing maintenance payments from my ex, or am I better to get a lump sum today?
  • How can I protect my children if I become unwell or pass away?
  • Will I be financially secure in 5, 10, 20 years?
  • Are there any unintended tax consequences?
  • What will my future cash flow look like?
  • Can we still run a business together?

As we work through these questions, there are three steps we navigate:

  1. Building Your Divorce Vault - We will work with you to streamline your financial paperwork, saving time and money. This includes gathering and organising your financial information, ensuring you understand your assets, and providing easy online access to key parties such as your family lawyer. 
  2. Financial Settlement Negotiation - During this time, we will build comprehensive financial cash flow and asset projection models that explore the full range of possible financial settlement outcomes. Helping both you and your solicitor understand the range of negotiation possibilities and the consequences of each. 
  3. Your Future Plan - Once the dust settles from your divorce, we'll be there to provide comprehensive support. Our services include facilitating the smooth transfer of assets, helping you establish new investments or loans, assisting with property transactions, and, most importantly, preparing a holistic financial plan tailored to your future needs. You can count on us to guide you through this transition and ensure you have a solid foundation for a secure future for you and your children.


By combining Divorce Coaching and Divorce Financial Advice, we can help you on the full spectrum of divorce matters:

  • Helping you to get clarity as to whether you should stay or leave the marriage.
  • How to communicate with your co-parent.
  • Understanding conflict styles and how best to present yourself as a credible client.
  • Strategies to help your children transition through divorce.
  • Preparing you for mediation.
  • Working through the co-parenting plan.
  • Helping you move from the emotion of divorce to the business of divorce. 
  • Understanding what asset division will best work for you and the consequences of these decisions today and the long term.
  • Helping you understand what negotiation strategies are available to you.
  • Dealing with the emotions and grief as you navigate divorce.
  • When is the right time to think about dating again.
  • Assist you in working out financially what you need to move on. 
  • Helping you gain perspective and strength during divorce.
  • Conflict resolution strategies and guidance. 
  • Building a vision and plan for your future. 

This is just the start of Dominique and her team of divorce experts can help.

We work with clients across Australia using online meeting platforms such as Zoom, Google Meeting and Microsoft Teams. 

After your initial 30-minute free consultation, we will prepare a tailored proposal with full costings for you to review. For some clients, this may be a few divorce coaching or collaboration sessions, while for others, we will work with them from start to finish, covering all areas of divorce. This is especially important for those facing a high conflict or financially complex divorce.

We are focused on removing time burden and pressure so you can still focus on your children, work and other commitments so your divorce does not become all-consuming. 

As a client, you will also have access to our wealth of resources, including workbooks, templates and much much more.


The information provided on this website is intended to provide general information only and the information has been prepared without taking into account any particular person’s objectives, financial situation or needs. Before acting on such information, you should consider the appropriateness of the information having regard to your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. Please go to to find out more about the services we offer.

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